Seva works hand in hand with Sadhana – spiritual practices. If either is absent, then we don’t gain anything in totality. From Sadhana we get strength to do Seva and from Seva we get depth in Sadhana.

In all honesty, the beauty of Seva and Sadhana can only be grasped at depth by its daily application. Words and description about it will not serve the purpose and potentially cause more confusion. At Quest Foundation, we are blessed by our teachers who have played an instrumental role in helping us integrate these tools since its inception.

Fruits of Seva and Sadhana are working as a multiplier to flourish our involvement in various social and welfare activities.

  • Contributing 100% of earnings to support Medical and Educational institutions along with Small-Medium business entrepreneurs.
  • Running Iyengar Sadhana Kendra that benefits numerous practitioners.
  • Providing Nutan Gyan Dhara physical and On-line library that offers more 12,000 titles.

Our Gurus & their Essence