Ma Swami Teachings
Ma Swami No Ajwado
Shri BKS Iyenger’s visit to Quest Foundation – Feb 18, 2011
પુસ્તક વિમોચન ૧
પુસ્તક વિમોચન ૨
Vatasalyotsav 10th Punya Smruti of Gondal Sanghani Sampraday Pujya Shree Narendramuni Maharaj Saheb
Contribution of Rs. One Lakh each direct cheque payment to distressed families of dedicated policemen across Maharashtra and Gujarat who have sacrificed their lives devotedly serving the society in most distressing situation of Covid-19
Contribution of Rs 1.25 Lakh for Jain Sthanakwasi Families whose sole earning head passed away by COVID-19