• Mr. Ajay Sheth
    Mr. Ajay Sheth (Founder - Trustee)

    He is trustee since 2008. He is B. Com, ACMA having 4 decades of experience in world of investment and promoter of Quest Investment advisors Pvt. Ltd. (Quest)…
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  • Mrs. Bina Sheth
    Mrs. Bina Sheth (Founder - Trustee)

    She is trustee since 2008. She is co-promoter of Quest Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd. (Quest). She is looking after Yoga activity of our Trust…
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  • Mr. Bharat Sheth
    Mr. Bharat Sheth (Trustee)

    He is trustee since 2013. He is B. Com, LLB and associates with Quest since 1994. He is treasurer of our trust. He supervises the accounts and compliance activity of the Trust.
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  • Mr. Shekhar Kothari
    Mr. Shekhar Kothari (Trustee)

    He is trustee since 2015. He B. Com having 35 years in Jewellery Business. He is specialized creating artistic diamond Jewellery. He is secretary of our trust.
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  • Mr. Vijay Shah
    Mr. Vijay Shah (Trustee)

    He is trustee since 2013. He B. Com having many years in Plastic Business. He is helping Mr. Ajay Sheth in coordinating with LTMG hospital, Sion for our Medical Aid programs.
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  • Mrs. Nisha Raheja
    Mrs. Nisha Raheja (Trustee)

    She is trustee since 2015. She is professor at colleges run by Seva Mandal Education Society, Mumbai She is helping Mr. Ajay Sheth in coordinating with Seva Mandal Education Society for our Educational Aid programs.
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